Kraft and box papers

  • Kraft Liner Board
    Kraft Liner Board

    Linerboard made of virgin pulp is called Kraftliner, whereas recycled linerboard is known as Testliner. Kraft liner board is one of the the best papers for boxes with high performance requirements in both dry and humid conditions.


    Sack kraft paper, or just sack paper, is a porous kraft paper with high elasticity and high tear resistance, designed for packaging products with high demands for strength and durability.

  • White top testliner
    White top testliner

    Top ply is made of virgin bleached fibres or high quality deinked recycled fibres. Bottom ply consist of 100% selected recycled fibres.

  • MF Kraft Paper
    MF Kraft Paper

    Advantage MF Kraft is an unbleached kraft paper with high stiffness and exellent runnability.

  • Test Liner
    Test Liner

    Testliner, like kraftliner, is used for the outer and intermediate plies of corrugated board. However, its strength is not quite as high as that of kraftliner, as it has a higher recycled fiber content.