Fluff pulp


Fluff pulp was first developed for use in disposable sanitary napkins.Kotex first advertisement for products made with wood pulp (Cellucotton) appeared in 1921. Disposable diaper producers also were early to convert to fluff pulp because of its low cost and high absorbency. Normal usage of fluff pulp in a diaper was about 55 grams. In the 1980s started the commercialization of air-laid paper, which gave better bulk, porosity, strength, softness and water absorption properties compared with normal tissue paper. Also in the 1980s started the use of superabsorbents in diapers and reduced the need for fluff pulp and is now down to 15 grams or even less. The demand of the pulp in diapers has gone from being the absorbent of liquid to giving the products dry and wet strength.